3 ways to market wholesale mason jar candles

 Nov. 09, 2020 
In case you had any doubts, wholesale mason jar candles are just about the easiest thing to sell and profit from. Current trends make Mason Jar Candles accessible and desirable to the broadest range of customers, from young people looking to decorate their apartments to older people seeking out a gift for a loved one.  If you feel that your business is missing a certain element to its sales, wholesale mason jar candles are the answer!  If you’re not convinced, take a look at these three ways wholesale mason jar candles can be marketed to customers.
1) Think Green
Mason jar candles are all about sustainability and leaving the smallest possible mark on the earth. The soybeans used to make the wax in mason jar candles are organically grown and cultivated in the United States. Soy wax biodegrades naturally as it burns, and is completely safe to breathe, unlike other waxes out there that contain harmful additives and carcinogens which can impact the health of you and your loved ones.  Furthermore, wholesale mason jar candles can easily be marketed as a green product. Environmentally conscious products make up a huge market nowadays as more and more people are buying products that are environmentally-sound.  Appeal to the masses with a green product like wholesale mason jar candles!
2) A Quick Gift
Candles are one of those products that everybody enjoys, even if they don’t always use them. Candles are small enough to not take up space, but big enough to contribute to the aesthetic of a room, making them a perfectly versatile gift.  With the classic look of the Mason jar combined with the great smells and long lasting, clean burn of the wax, wholesale mason jar candles are an amazing addition to your store. Customers will toss them in their baskets with ease and confidence as they complete a task that many people stress about: gift buying!  A simple shelf of mason jar candles at the front of the store or next to the register is all you need to send the candles home with happy customers and put more money into your pocket.
3) The Candle that Keeps on Giving

Not only are wholesale mason jar candles easy to market as a green product or an easy gift, but also as candles that keep giving back to the customer months and even years after they are purchased!  Your customers will be extremely satisfied with the long lasting burn time (80-120hrs) and the authentic Mason jar that the candle wax lies in.  After the candle has burned out, the Mason jar can be cleaned and repurposed for a huge number of things, like a mug, a plant pot, a storage or canning container, a piggy bank, a toothbrush or sponge holder, a party favor, and much more!  Not to mention that the candle wax itself is a gift that gives back to the earth by naturally biodegrading as it burns and not contributing carbon to the atmosphere.  It’s a candle that effortlessly blends into the lifestyle and function of its user: your customer!  Wholesale mason jar candles are easily marketed in this way, all you have to do is sit back and let the product do the talking. Get wholesale mason jar candles now!

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