FAQs about Ueehome LED Flameless Candles

 Mar. 16, 2020 
1. What are the benefits of LED flameless candles?
Where do we start? Most people find the greatest benefits to be the safetfy factors, the ease and convenience of operation and the reduced cost compared to traditional candles. The risk of open flames has cause many state and local governments to outlaw traditional candles inside public spaces and many families have removed them from their homes, creating a perfect opportunity for LED flameless candles.
2. Are LED flameless candles environmentally safe?
Yes, or at least most so than using traditional open flame candles that release harmful toxins and oils into the air. LED Flameless candles last for years, meaning that you don't have to replace them constantly following use, which creates less waste.
3. Are LED flameless candles recyclable?
In accordance with any and all State toxic packaging acts, the company advises that all PVC packaging, batteries and paper inserts must be recycled in the appropriate manner or otherwise disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
4. Do you offer free shipping?

We do occasionally offer sales and promotions on our website that sometimes include free shipping offers. On a regular basis, free shipping is only available to customers purchasing large orders meant for re-distribution or retail. If you are interested in inquiring about placing a larger LED flameless candle order, please contact us.

FAQs about Ueehome LED Flameless Candles

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