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 Mar. 19, 2020 
Some LED candles are weather-proof, meaning they're not easily damaged by rain or other moisture. If you're hoping to use your candles for outdoor events, you may want to find a waterproof or windproof led flameless candle set that's advertised as weather-proof.
LED candles that incorporate a dimmer switch give you added control over the look of your room. It's advisable to dim your LED candle once the sun sets so the light isn't too overwhelming.
Some pillar candles have the ability to rotate through a few different colored lights in order to add a little style to an otherwise mundane space — these are great for parties and dorm rooms.
A number of scented LED candles have a pleasant scent that kicks in when the candle is turned on. Available scents often include rose, vanilla, orchid, and cinnamon. Though the scent is pleasing, it's rarely overpowering.
Some LED tapers include small rubber rings that sit at their base, keeping them in place when put into a candlestick.
LED candles cost between $7 and $20. LED candles around $7 are mostly 12- or 24-pack tea lights or votives or single pillar candles without a remote. If you spend $15, expect to find LED tapers, larger single pillars, or multi-height pillar sets. For $20 or more, you can buy larger sets of pillar candles with decorative effects and a remote.
Q. Do LED candles get hot like regular flame candles?
A. No. The beauty of an LED candle is that it's always cool to the touch, making it safe for all types of uses. You can even place them in luminary bags or jack-o'-lanterns without fear of fire.
Q. How long will the bulb on my LED candle last?

A. The bulb on most LED candles will last for years. The standard life of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours. Keep in mind that you need to change the batteries on a regular basis.

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