How can scented glass jar candles be used for skin care?

 Dec. 10, 2020 
Many people like to have a scented glass jar candle at home, which can not only cultivate the sentiment, add to the atmosphere, but also make the room full of faint aroma. In addition, scented glass jar candles can also play a role in beauty and skin care, the specific use is as follows.
First, choose a scented glass jar candle with a guaranteed quality, natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. It is best to choose a more branded one, don't buy products without production date, no quality certificate and no manufacturer.
Second, the taste of aromatherapy should be as clear and lucid as possible. If it is too rich, you will lead to dizziness with long-term use. It is recommended to use lavender, rose and other light floral fragrances, or fresh fruity flavors such as peaches, citrus and so on.
Third, the time to use the scented glass jar candle should not be too long. You can put a scented glass jar candle before bathing. After burning for 15 minutes, extinguish the scented glass jar candle with a candle cover. Let the room maintain a scent that looks like nothing.
Fourth, the aroma of scented candles in glass jar help sleep, and good sleep can help our skin accelerate metabolism and delay aging, thus achieving the effect of beauty and skin care. Be careful not to buy scented candles in glass jar with artificial flavors.
Finally, you can choose a low-temperature skin care scented candles in glass jar with natural organic ingredients, ignite the candles, wait for the candles to melt, then cool it for 5 minutes, and apply it with a melted candles oil to moisturize and soothe.

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