How do you feel the moving wick flameless battery operated tealight candle?

 Nov. 29, 2020 
The flameless tealight candle adopts advanced LED lighting technology, which can generate natural candlelight in the candle. The candle wick swings back and forth naturally and leisurely. There is a kind of artistic feeling of “wind and beating”. This battery operated tealight candles can be dynamic, realistic and natural. It can simulate the scene where the wind blows and sways.
The battery operated tealight candle is suitable for: restaurants, hotels, museums, churches, party parties, cafes, concerts and other romantic places.
The advantages of battery operated tealight candles: high simulation, creative, and individual energy saving.
1. Material: The outer shell is made of environmentally friendly plastic. It is energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly. It does not generate heat and avoids flames or phenomena.
2. Lamp beads: LED lamp beads are used inside the candle, and the trial life is up to 20,000 hours, saving energy and reducing emissions.
3. Flame: Simulating the real candlelight flame shape is not inferior to the warm romantic atmosphere created by the traditional flame.

4. Bottom: The bottom of the candle is designed with battery installation. It is easy to use and does not affect the appearance.

How do you feel the moving wick flameless battery operated tealight candle?cid=10

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