How Scented Wax Cubes Work?

 Jul. 13, 2020 

Scented wax cubes are a simple, mess-free alternative to candles, oil scents, plug-ins and other home scents – and if you have kids and pets running around, wax cubes can take away the worry of having an open flame in the house. Wick and soot free, these slowly melting scented wax melts are rapidly growing in popularity in many homes, but are they right for you?

Warmed by a bulb

The scented wax melts, which you can buy or make yourself, are placed in a decorative warmer – a popular brand is called Scentsy – that looks a like a nice candleholder. A small bulb, usually 25 or 15 watts, underneath the warmer heats the cubes to release the scent. No open flames mean less worry for mom and dad (or anyone else who’s nervous around candles).

Less mess

Unlike candles, scented wax cubes don’t drip, so all of the melted wax stays in the warmer. Once the cube has melted and cooled, you just have to pop the hard wax out of the warmer and throw it out – the scent will be gone so you can’t reuse. Many of the companies who create these products claim that because the scent is released without a flame or mess, fewer chemicals are emitted into the air.

How Scented Wax Cubes Work

If you browse online, at a candle shop, or at your favorite home store, you’ll find many different scents to choose from. There are food-based scents like vanilla and caramel, and seasonal options -- like the beach or winter holidays. The options are extensive, and because the wax cubes are small and you can reuse the warmer, you can sample without committing to one scent.

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