How to DIY glass jar candles?

 Dec. 26, 2020 
You’ll Need:
Stove or Hot Plate
Soy Wax Flakes – approx 4 cups or 1 lb. per candle
Candle Making Pitcher
Glass Jars
8″ Candle Wicks
Wick Holders (optional, but helpful)
Wax Colorant
Fragrance Oil of Choice – we used 20 drops of Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil
Begin by using a drop of hot glue to secure the base of the candle wick to the center of the glass jar – use a wick holder/stabilizer if desired to hold the wick in place in the center.
In the soy wax glass jar, melt approximately 1 lb of soy wax flakes and wax colorant. I used about 1/4 of a cube each of red and purple colorant to create my custom color blend. Note: the color of the wax will appear much darker in liquid form that it does when it has cooled and set! Add fragrance oil and slowly stir to mix.
Allow the candle to sit undisturbed until it has completely cooled and solidified. I usually let mine cool overnight to be sure that they are completely set. You can see that the candle begins cooling at the bottom, and the color is a lot lighter than it looked when it was melted!
While the candle was cooling, cut a shape you like. The permanent outdoor vinyl works the best with the heat from the candles.
Next, weeded the vinyl using weeding tool.
Use transfer tape to remove the vinyl from the backing and apply it to the face of the glass jar candle.
Use a credit card or my scraping tool to make sure that the vinyl has firmly adhered to the candle.
You can added your idea to finish things off.
DIY glass jar candles is easy peasy! These glass jar candles make a great gift idea, and you can change up the vinyl motif to match the occasion! I used the heart doily for Valentine’s Day, but it would look cute with colorful vinyl “sprinkles” for birthdays or flowers for Mother’s Day, too!

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