How to make beeswax candles from sheets?

 Jul. 06, 2020 

1. Assemble the Materials for Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles produce a warm glow and a wonderful sweet scent. Rolled beeswax candles are the easiest handmade candles to make. Because you don't need to melt the wax, you don't need a melt pot or stove, which makes this a great family project for parents and kids. These rolled beeswax candles are perfect for handmade Valentine gifts, birthdays, and Hanukkah celebrations. 

Here's what you need:

Some beeswax sheets (they usually come in 8-inch by 16-inch sheets)

Primed wick appropriate for a 1-inch candle

A sharp knife or razor blade

A suitable cutting surface

2. Cut the Wick to the Size of the Candle

Layout a beeswax sheet and cut the wick about 3/4 inch longer than the wax. If you use an 8-inch sheet, cut the wick to about 8 3/4 inches.

Tip: You can leave 3/4 inch of wick on both sides. That way if one end looks better than the other, you can make either end the top of the candle.

3. Start Rolling the Beeswax Sheet Around the Wick

Lay the wick along the edge of the sheet and start rolling the candle by bending over about 1/8 inch of the wax. Use this small channel to enclose the wick. Working from one end to the other all along the length of the wick, press down firmly to make sure the wax is tight around the wick. This is the only time you press hard with the beeswax sheets.

4. Continue Rolling Slow and Straight

After the wick is pressed firmly into the wax, it's time to be gentle with the wax. You don't want to compress or warp its honeycomb pattern.

Roll the candle slowly and straight, making sure that you keep the ends even.

5. Finish Rolling the Beeswax Candle

Keep rolling until you reach the end.

If you want to add another sheet of wax for a double-thick candle, just butt a second sheet up to the edge of the first sheet, give the two sheets a few presses with your thumbnail to join them, and continue rolling.

Gently press the final edge down onto the side of the candle. It should form a fairly smooth edge. You can use your thumb or thumbnail to press down. If you left wick at both ends, pick which end is the best looking for the top, cut the wick off the bottom and trim the top wick to about 1/2 inch.

Enjoy the lovely light and heavenly fragrance of your beeswax candles or help your kids package up the candles they make to give as gifts.


After you make your first beeswax candle, you can branch out with variations on the same theme.

Cut the beeswax sheet in half to make a short candle.

Trim a sheet of beeswax vertically to make a thin candle.

Cut the sheet on the diagonal before you set the wick for a tapered beeswax candle.

Mix two colors of beeswax in one candle.

Make tea lights with beeswax and cookie cutters.

Important Safety Reminders:

As always when burning candles:

* Burn candles under adult supervision only.

* Burn candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface and within sight.

* Keep out of reach of pets and children.

* Keep away from vents, ceiling fans, and drafts.

* Extinguish candles if they smoke, if the flame becomes too high, or if they flicker repeatedly.

* Burn candles in a well-ventilated area.

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