How to make personalized scented glass jar candles?

 Nov. 24, 2020 
Mason jar candles are so beautiful, they make for perfect gift option for family and friends. These scented glass jar candles produce wonderful aroma. If you want your favourite fragrance in the candle, you can add Essential oils in it.
It is simple to make your personalized scented candles in glass jar.
Step 1: Things Required
4 oz mason jar, 30 g of organic beeswax, 4 tbsp coconut oil, few drops of cinnamon vanilla berry oil, candle wick, pyrex measuring cup, chopsticks or skewer.
Step 2: Mason Jar Preparation
Cut a length of wick that is about 4 inch longer. Place the wick in between the chopsticks/skewer and position it over the centre of the mason jar.
Step 3: Melt Wax and Oil
Take beewax and oil in pyrex measuring cup.
Heat water in pan, place the measuring cup resting inside. Gently, mix it over low heat.
Once it completely melted, add 3 drops of fragrant oil and mix it with wooden spatula/skewer and take out from the flame.
Step 4: Pour It in Jar
Pour the melted wax & oil into the prepared mason jar.
Let it set for 12 hours.
After setting time, gently remove the chopstick/skewer and trim the excess wick using Scissor.
Step 5: Decorate
Tie festive tag on neck of the jar.
Then the beautiful personalized scented glass jar candles are done. You can make different scented glass jar candles according to your favor.

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