How to remove the candle oil when run out of jar candles?

 Dec. 07, 2020 
We often buy scented candles in glass jars. After burning, there is always the remaining wax sticking in the jar, so that the glass jar can not be recycled.
Is there any simple and effective way to remove such wax?
The candle oil in the glass can be removed by the following method:
1. First heat a pot of warm water, the temperature can be 50-70 degrees.
2. Put the glass in warm water and wait for the candle oil to melt.
3. Then brush the inside of the glass with a steel ball.
4. Finally, use a 100-degree boiling water to boil the glass.

There is another way: Wipe directly with a small piece of cloth dipped in alcohol or gasoline. (When using alcohol or gasoline, keep an open fire)

scented candles in glass jars

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