How to Choose the Best LED Flameless Candles?

 Mar. 14, 2020 
If you are trying select the best electric candles for you, it’s important to consider what you need them for and what options you are looking for. Here’s a guide to some of the most important factors to consider:
Style: With a decorative item like a flickering flameless candle, your most important consideration is whether it has the proper style. Are you looking for an LED Flameless votive candle or flameless Halloween candles? What color is right for you? Do you want a more contemporary or old-fashioned appearance? Is your decor urban or rustic? Many LED Flameless candles come in a variety of colors so you can find just the right one for your home.
Size: Is the electric candle the right height for where you plan to display it? Is it narrow enough to sit on the ledge of windowsill?
Quality of appearance: It’s also important to consider the quality of the appearance. Does the LED Flameless candle look like a wax candle, or does it look too plastic? What about the simulation metal, glass, or wood of the base? Is the flickering effect realistic?
Output: LED candles can be very bright, but not all are. You may want your candle to emit a soft glow, or you may want it to give off a significant amount of light. It’s important to figure out just how much light output you will get from an LED candle before deciding if it’s right for your purpose. Note that if you live in an area with a lot of light pollution, you might need a brighter candle.
Purpose: When considering LED candles, it’s important to keep in mind what it’s intended for. If you’re looking for a battery operated window candle, it’s not going to be seen from as close up as a candle that’s intended to sit on the table during dinner. Light output matters more than the appearance of the base.
Placement: Are you going to place your LED Flameless candle inside or outside? Many LED Flameless candles are intended for indoor use. If they are taken outside, it should only be for short periods and taken in during bad weather. They should not be left outside unattended. Other LED Flameless candles are intended for outdoor use and can be left outside for extended periods.
Power: Electric candles can get their power from many different sources. Battery candles are the most common these days because they are very flexible and convenient. Battery candles are available using many different types of batteries, such as AAA, AA, C, or a built-in rechargeable. Some electric candles can be plugged into an outlet.
Battery Life: Not all battery candles do as well on conserving battery power. This can dramatically impact the cost benefit of using a battery candle compared to a flaming candle.
Durability: Is the LED Flameless candle built to take a little bit of punishment? This can be especially important if you’re looking for a flameless Halloween candle to put on the porch where trick-or-treaters may knock it over dozens of times that night.
Warranty: Is the electric candle protected by a manufacturer’s warranty? How long is the warranty? What does it cover?
Reputation: Some companies have been producing LED Flameless candles for a long time and have built a reputation for quality products. Others may be trying to put out cheap products to make a quick sale and don’t care if they get a bad reputation.
Cost: Electric candles are less expensive than wax candles, but they come in a variety of costs. In general, the cost of the LED Flameless candle will tell you the quality, but if you read reviews you can sometimes find a good bargain. Cost also depends on style, so if you’re flexible on style, you can find bargains.
Features: Many LED Flameless candles come with a light sensor so that they only come on when it’s dark. Others come with timers that allow you to set when they come on and when they turn off. Some may even have remote controls or built-in speakers that allow them to serve as music players. Features come with a cost that might not be worth it if they’re not what you want.

Many of these questions can be answered by looking in detail at the product description, but in other cases the best way to figure out which is the best LED Flameless candle for you is to look at reviews from previous owners.

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