How to make mason jar candles?

 Dec. 23, 2020 
Whether you want to set the mood for a languid soak in the tub, introduce a burst of spring scent into your newly spring-cleaned home or enhance a romantic interlude on the couch, scented jar candles are a perfect addition to your home. Sure, you could buy one at the store, but they’re a simple, inexpensive DIY. Bonus: you get to pick your own fragrance and color!
You can use almost any vessel that can withstand heat: teacups, jelly jars, egg cups, etc., but we’ll be focusing on a creative classic: mason jars. Experiment with colors and fragrances until you achieve the sweet smell of success.
What You'll Need
Mason jars
Pre-tabbed candle wicks
Hot glue gun or glue tabs
Metal pouring pot and saucepan or double boiler
Soy candle-wax flakes
Color dye blocks or chips
Essential oils or candle scents
1. Prepare the wicks.
Trim the wick to be a few inches taller than your mason jar, then use a hot glue gun or glue tab to stick the metal disc to the center of the bottom of the jar.
2. Melt the wax.
Determine the correct amount of wax by filling the mason jar twice with flakes. (You can use a kitchen scale to figure out the weight of the right amount for future batches.) Heat water in the saucepan or the bottom of the double boiler; put wax in the pouring pot or the top of the double boiler and place it over the heated water. When your wax is completely melted, remove it from the heat.
3. Add color and scent.
After the wax cooled a bit, add your dye and fragrance. Starting to like what you smell?
4. Ready, Steady, Pour!
When the wax has cooled, pour in a slow, steady stream into your mason jar.
5. Kick back and wait!
Once the jar feels cool, trim the wick 1/2 inch from the top of the mason jar candle. Replace the jar's metal rim if you like, and you're ready for a relaxing, candlelit bubble bath.

Tip for cleaning your pot: If residual wax is stuck in the pot, place the pot back on the heat and let the wax melt again; use paper towels to wipe it clean. Follow with a soapy hot water scrub using your fancy Touch2O Technology faucet. Although soy wax is non-toxic, we suggest you keep a pot just for making mason jar candles.

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