Method For Making A Scented Candle

 Apr. 11, 2020 
Step 1: Place the wax into a double boiler or a metal container placed over a pan of hot water, and set it on the stove until it melts. Be extremely careful, because hot wax is extremely HOT.
Step 2: Glue the stabilizer attached to the bottom of your wick to the inside base of your jar. Your wick should stick out at the top. Use a wick holder or balance a pencil or skewer on top of the mold and wrap the wick around it; this will help to keep the wick in a central position.
Step 3: Once the wax has fully melted stir in the dye, I am matching the raspberry fragrance with a red scented candle dye.
Step 4: Now your wax and dye should be nice and melted. This is the point where you will want to add your fragrance and/or luxurious essential oils. For this scented candle, I’ve used raspberry fragrance oil. It’s a relatively cheap oil to buy, and a perfect scent for a scented candle. You’ll want to add around between 7 to 10% of the weight of your wax.
Step 5: At this point I have to say my kitchen is smelling lovely, the deep red color looks like melted jello, yummy! Now carefully pour the wax into the jar or mold.

Step 6: Support your wick using a bamboo stick or pencil. Whilst the wax cools it contracts, sometimes resulting in the scented candle sinking a little in the middle, wait until the fragrance candle is half set, then pierce the top of the fragrance candle with a bamboo stick or needle and top up with wax that’s been reheated. Making sure you don’t top over the original level of wax or you won’t be able to remove the finished fragrance candle very easily. You may need to do this more than once.

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