Moving flame battery operated candles are so realistic

 Nov. 22, 2020 
If you're looking for a battery operated candle that is nearly indiscernible from a flame burning candle, check out our selection of Ueehome candles. Moving flame battery operated candles are so realistic, they often get mistaken for real wick-burning candles. Ueehome flameless candles with timer make use of an internal LED source that shines through a prism and up to the tip of the flame. The flame moves in a dance-like motion that is as stunning as it is mesmerizing.
The effect is so realistic that these dancing flame battery candles with timer are often used in theme park attractions. Now, you can order these beautiful battery operated candles for your use in your home or at special events.

Don't put up with the mess and danger of regular candles, when you can have the realistic glow and ambience of safe, battery-operated candles that will last longer and smell great. It's almost impossible to tell the difference between these candles and real burning candles. Order today and find out for yourself. And remember, we offer discounts for volume purchasing. Decorate your home or special event with Ueehome dancing flame led candles with remote.

Moving flame battery operated candles, dancing flame led candles with remote

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