Scented glass jar candles using tricks

 Dec. 09, 2020 
1. The size of the room will affect the use of scented glass jar candles. When the room is large, the number of scented glass jar candles should be increased, or you should choose the large scented glass jar candles;
2. Do not ignite ordinary candles and scented glass jar candles at the same time, because the former will absorb the aroma of the latter, resulting in a serious decline in effect;
3. Don't use more than two kinds of scented glass jar candles with no taste at the same time, which will cause our olfactory numbness;
4. When purchasing a scented glass jar candle, choose a candle with a large candle area. The concentration of the emitted candles is determined by the amount of candle tears when burning, and the candles with large areas have a relatively large number of accumulated tears;
5. The length of the wick should be kept at 0.5~0.8cm. In this state, no black smoke will be generated. When the wick is too long, it will also affect the fragrance emission;
6. Allow the scented candles in glass jar to be refrigerated in the refrigerator for several hours before use to slow down the burning of the scented glass jar candle;
8. Keep the air circulation in the scented glass jar candle combustion chamber, but do not place it in the windward direction to avoid the unsightly phenomenon caused by the candle stick shaking;
9. The dripping wax droplets should be cooled and then stripped, and the residue can be melted and erased with a hair dryer;
10. When the scented glass jar candle is extinguished, push the wick down to the candle to extinguish it, then erect the cooling (do not place the wick in the scented glass jar candle to cool it, so that the wick cannot be ignited when it is used again);
11. Avoid direct sunlight in the scented glass jar candles, causing discoloration.

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