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 Mar. 18, 2020 
Nothing adds ambiance quite like a candle, but there's always the fear of a fire. With a flameless candle, however, there's no longer a need to worry.
Today's innovative designs and technology make flameless candles look more realistic than ever before. Dancing flames and wax outer shells give them the appearance that they'll melt before your eyes. The variety of options means you can find whatever size and color suits your needs.
Size and type
Flameless candles come in all shapes and sizes, including round or square tea lights, votives, tapers, and pillars. You'll find large packages of tea lights and votive candles to use for special events, such as weddings. Flameless candles also come in decorative shapes resembling pine cones, lotus flowers, roses, and hearts.
Wax vs. non-wax finish
We dip flameless candles in wax to create a realistic matte finish. However, if you plan on using wax-dipped flameless candles outdoors, take them inside when they aren't in use, so they don't soften in the hot sun. Non-wax flameless candles typically have a shinier exterior.
Flame style
You'll find flameless candles with either a moving flame or a non-moving flame style. Moving or non-moving flames are found in all styles of candles, even in tea lights and tapers. Though it's a matter of preference, a moving-flame style simulates the dancing action of a real candle's wick. You can still enjoy the simulated flickering of a flameless candle by opting for a fixed LED bulb that varies in brightness to mimic a real flame.
Top and edge styles

Choose from two types of flameless candle tops: flat tops, where you can fully see the flame, and sunken tops, where the wick is recessed into the top of the candle. Either type of top will have an edge treatment. An edge treatment that's uneven simulates melting wax, while a clean edge mimics the appearance of a brand-new candle.

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