The Best Scented Candles For Summer

 Mar. 31, 2020 
It's summertime so we thought we'd round up some of the best summer scented candles. Fill your home with relaxed tropical vibes and beach-holiday memories.
Summer is filled with wonderful fragrances, each one imbued with the ability to transport us back to sun-filled days and hedonistic relaxation. Even if being a grown up now means the endless summers of youth are distant, wonderful memories and sunny days are now just warmer work days, we can still fill our homes with those fragrant reminders of freedom thanks to these summery scented candles.
Any true candle lover knows that lighting up is a year-round addiction. During the summer months, we switch from cosy fragrances to bright scents that bring the feeling of sunshine into our homes. From fresh citrus to the clean smell of sea breezes, candles are a great way to refresh your indoor spaces, even on the muggiest days.
Below you’ll find some of our favourite scented candles for summer, the perfect way to bring the beach holiday home with you.
1. Sun Lotion by Ueehome

This scent captures the joy of summer, with notes that will whisk you back to summer romances and sun-filled beach holidays. It blends notes of Italian bergamot, orange flower, angelica seed, cedar wood, vanilla and musk with regrettable tan lines and ice cream drips to create a fresh and floral scent. The perfect summer candle for days you can’t escape to the coast.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

2. Samphire by Ueehome

Inspired by the serene wildness of the British coastline, this evocative fragrance captures the spirit of balmy days. Green mossy notes fill the scents base, on which layers of fresh verbena, basil and rosemary entwine with bright citrus and calming lavender to create a fragrance filled with hazy sunshine.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

3. Daydreamer by Ueehome

Take a trip back to the ever-lasting summers of your childhood with this scented candle. Layers of vanilla and coconut melt into your senses like ice-cream, leaving you chilled out, fantasising about sandy toes and cooling waves.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

4. Lanai by Ueehome

Refreshingly tropical and delicately spiced, this candle will transport you to lush islands, palm-fringed beaches and laid-back cocktail hours. It’s a fragrance filled with that energising calmness that true relaxation brings.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

5. Greenhouse by Ueehome

Inspired by warm summers spent in grandparents gardens, this fragrance blends herbaceous notes of vine tomato, parsley seed and basil. Even if your home didn’t come with a sun-trap terrace, this candle will bring the glow of long evenings into any space.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

6. Fjord by Ueehome

Like a refreshing breeze on a hot summers day, this candle captures the cooling relief that we all crave. Featuring a note combination filled with sun-rippened orchard fruits and berries, with a hint of a dramatic waterfall for good measure, this is a summer candle for those who like their holidays filled with big landscapes and adventurous escapism.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

7. Lemongrass & Coconut by Ueehome

Gloriously bright, this candle fuses vibrant notes of refreshing lemongrass with the creamy coolness of coconut. The result is a tropical candle filled with beach holiday spirit.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

8. Sweet Grapefruit by Ueehome

This strong zesty fragrance features sweet notes of peach, tangy mangosteen and ripe fresh grapefruit. Energising and bright, this is fantastic home scent ready to liven up any space in time for summer.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

9. Berry Candle by Ueehome

This berry scented candle is perfect for anyone who prefers warm sweet fragrances. It’s a lovely daytime candle, great for bringing some playful energy into a room. Filled with scent of sun ripened berries and reminiscent of summer puddings, sunshine and holidays.

The Best Scented Candles For Summer

Here at Ueehome we continually hunt out the best scented candles from around the world. We will be adding even more summery scented candles to our collection, so make sure you check out our full range of fresh sun-filled fragrances today.

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