The features of battery operated candles with remote control

 Nov. 02, 2020 
The cheap led flameless candles provide gorgeous warm glow without the worries of melting wax, open flame, or harmful fumes. Our battery operated candles with remote control are virtually indistinguishable from an actual burning candle. These flame-replicating designer candles use electromagnetic technology, with a process originally created by The Disney Imagineers for use at theme parks. This original "Dream Candle" technology, combined with LED lights, produces a unique artificial flickering flame. Includes handy multi function remote control, This Ivory color LED candle will create realistic burning illumination. Our led flameless candles would be the perfect house warming gift for any one. It is made of real wax and unscented. Perfect for home dcor, restaurant, office, church, wedding parties, children rooms without risk of fire and toxic smoke.
The features of battery operated candles with remote:
1. Flameless wax pillars are a safe alternative to real candles;
2. Timer mode turns the flame off after 5 hours;
3. Extended 500-hr. battery life;

4. Remote control operates multiple candles within a 15 feet area.

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