These are very nice outdoor battery operated candles

 Oct. 31, 2020 
These are very nice outdoor battery operated candles. They don't flicker very much but are lit bright and realistic from a distance. Other outdoor candles from another seller/maker don't appear that they will be weather proof as they are open at the top for rain to enter the interior and have some real wax. Our  outdoor battery operated candles are weather proof, pretty, timer works! They came in different sizes as well.
If you love being able to program the candles to automatically come on each day. Our battery operated flickering candles is better for you. These candles can work all summer and the batteries are still working as the timers even rain. Batteries are in a water tight compartment so there is no rusting or corrosion.

The perfect battery operated flickering candle for your outdoor lanterns are bright, pretty and waterproof. Our customer service is quick to respond, please feel free to contact us.

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