Top Reasons Beeswax Candles Are Preferred in Orthodox Christian Churches

 Nov. 07, 2020 
Knowing how to burn church candles is important considering there is great symbolism attached to burning candles and it is virtually impossible to think of an Orthodox Christian church that does not use candles.
Only Orthodox Church Beeswax Candles Will Do
Whether it is celebrating the Divine Liturgy, reading from the Gospels, during Pascha services or someone’s baptism, the candle plays the important role of illuminating interiors and minds. In Orthodox faith, only hundred percent bees wax candles are used for religious purposes. The practice of using bees wax candles is an age-old one and carried forward from one generation to the next. Authentic bees wax candles are all-natural and made from combs of beehives. These Orthodox church beeswax candles are free from paraffin and additional substances and burn evenly without producing soot or smoke.
Church Candles with Beautiful Designs
The faithful believe these candles have the lovely sweet aroma of Divine Grace and use them to venerate their favorite icons. In their original form, beeswax candles have a golden color and skilled craftsmen can mold them with various designs such as taper, bees and damask to name a few. They come in a variety of lengths to suit various purposes of church worship. If you want to protect murals, icons, frescos and other beautiful furnishings found inside your Orthodox church, it’s essential you learn how to burn church candles properly.
Candles Care Instructions
Your candle will last longer with a quality linen wick. You may have heard that the wick should be trimmed to one fourth or half an inch size to ensure even and longer burning. It’s important to keep these candles in a safe place, away from dust and dirt, when they are not in use to ensure their proper functioning when they are lit. It’s also a good idea to extinguish beeswax candles using a candle snuffer as this will protect your hands from getting burnt.

The process of learning how to burn church candles starts with finding a trusted supplier of pure beeswax candles. Once you’ve got that down, the rest is easy!

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