We aim to produce high quality battery operated candles with timer

 Dec. 19, 2020 
We aim to show you accurate product information. Premium top quality battery operated candles with timer, ideal for homes, restaurants, hotels, bars, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, memorial services and more. Batteries Included- super long battery life, save your money on batteries.
Looks and flickers like real wax candles, high quality materials, premium IC and bright LEDs, all these make top quality battery candles with timer. You will be impressed by the natural looking, wax feeland soft glow of these premium votive candles. Safe to use, no risk of fire, no fume and no wax mess. Safe around home, children and pets. Easy to use with timer, build in 6-hour on/18-hour off timer. The candles turn on and off automatically every day.

If you use votive candles every day, you really should try these flameless candles with timer. With a build-in 6-hour on and 18-hour off timer, these led candles turn on and off automatically everyday. In addition, the long battery life (200 hours) saves you money on batteries. These environmental friendly flameless candles are ideal for home, hotel, restaurant, bar, spa and party decoration. Flameless candles are safe to use and there is no risk of fire.

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