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 Nov. 04, 2020 
The look of tapered candles at holidays, dinnertime or in a windowsill are classic. But who wants to deal with the dripping wax, smoke and danger? Now you can have the elegant look of tapered candles in the places you love, without all of the fuss. We sell a wide range of battery operated flameless taper candles with timers so in addition to not having to worry about damage, you don't even have to remember to turn them on.
Our battery operated taper candles can turn on at the same time every day and run for 5 hours before automatically turning off. Our candles put off no heat, instead the flameless taper candles create a realistic flicker and glow. And if you love the look of dripping wax on your tapered candles, we sell battery-operated wax taper candles with drippings that look just like traditional candles, without the mess. Our candles have a flexible base that can fit into a number of different candleholders and candelabras.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, these taper candles are perfect for the holidays. They make a great addition to your Christmas decor and are safe for use around pets, children and plants. We also sell different handheld vigil candles that can be use by churches, charities or schools. Perfect for candlelight services, these candles are 100 percent contained and produce no heat. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors, as they are unaffected by wind and rain. Find all your favorites, and feel free to contact us at ueehome@gmail.com.

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