What Are 7 Day Candles?

 Dec. 06, 2020 
There are many uses and meanings for 7 day candles depending on your intent. Be sure you're clear about your desires and the results you want before lighting one.
A 7 day glass church candle is a tall unscented glass church candle encased in a cylindrical glass container that is 2" to 2.2" in diameter and 8"H. Choose a single colored candle or a multi-colored one.
Religious 7 day glass jar church candles often feature saints and symbols on the glass.
Candles can be used in prayer, meditation, rituals, spiritual work or casting spells.
Like any other candle work, you can enhance it by using herbs, essential oils and crystals.
Most people focus on one purpose at a time and light only one candle at a time.
You should select a candle color that best aligns with your intent. The candle colors have multiple meanings, so choose one that best fits what you want. A few of these meanings include:
Green: You can light this candle to draw money to you.
Pink: You can burn this candle to attract romantic love or reinforce existing love.
Red: Infuse a little passion into a specific area in your life.
White: If you need protection or want to cleanse something in your life, light this candle.
Orange: You can imbue the ability to influence a specific area of your life with this color.
Purple: This is a good color for meditating and seeking enlightenment.
Blue: This color can bring peace and calm to specific areas or situations in your life.

Yellow: Light this candle to aid in studies, a search for wisdom or to find answers to problems.

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