Why do you choose our moving wick led candles?

 Nov. 01, 2020 
Traditional candles are mainly used for lighting or for special occasions where an atmosphere is required. During the use of the candle, due to the use of open flame, it is susceptible to environmental influences and restrictions. For example, in a windy environment, it is easy to extinguish the candle. In a closed room, the open flame burns and consumes oxygen, which generates harmful exhaust gas and makes people feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the bottom of the candle is not fixed firmly, or the flammable material is close to the flame to cause a fire and other safety hazards, so the led flameless candles gradually replace the traditional candles.
At present, the moving wick flameless candles that come out of the market mostly drive the swing device to rotate by the rotation of the motor, and the light source and the flame head swing to the left and right by the action of the eccentric wheel. The moving wick flameless candle with this structure has a relatively simple structure, but all the resistances of the flame head are large when the flame head is swung, and the swinging shape of the flame head is relatively stiff and the simulation degree is not high.

The moving wick flameless candles we provide can solve the problem of unreality. Our moving wick flameless candle looks like a real candle. The dancing flame creates a cheerful atmosphere. We offer moving wick flameless candles with different materials, colors, sizes, edges and even accept custom orders. If you need such a moving wick flameless candle to add a pleasant atmosphere to your home or other occasions, please feel free to contact us.

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