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 Apr. 14, 2020 
Ueehome manufactures and supplies your customized and personalized private label scented candles according to the fragrances, containers, finish and packaging of your choice. Recognized for the quality of the waxes and perfumes used, our formulas are designed to optimally diffuse its fragrance and contain at least 10% of perfume. Our scented candles last longer, they do not make smoke and they melt regularly without any crater appearing.
Customers can choose from a large number of waxes, including different types of paraffin waxes and an entirely natural-based wax (soy wax, beeswax, coconut oil) developed specifically to maximize the diffusion of the perfume. We also let customers choose between cotton or wooden wicks. We have a large number of different container and sizes that you can decorate by screen printing, stamping or by means of a customized label. Last but not least, you can customized your packaging by printing or labelling techniques.
You can also entrust us with the container, packaging or the perfume of your choice and we will produce your fully personalized private label candle: the options are endless!

Contact us to start designing your personalized scented candle!

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