• Blue Pearl Gun Letter Sealing Wax
  • Blue Pearl Gun Letter Sealing Wax
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Blue Pearl Gun Letter Sealing Wax


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How to melt a GLUE GUN WAX STICK?

There are 3 ways to melt it:

1. Melt it with a regular size glue gun with at least 1.1cm diameter insert

2. Cut the stick into smaller pieces, melt it above a candle with a metal spoon

3. Put the whole stick vertically in a metal spoon and melt it above a candle

Pour the wax on your preferred surface.

Then, followed by the process we mentioned before.


As working with a glue gun can melt wax a lot faster than the other methods, it's also the easiest way to get into the "sticky situation". To avoid this, get some ice ready before you start sealing! Ice your seal, wipe it dry and press!

It takes a few minutes for your glue gun to warm up.

Unless you work/seal very fast or you're an expert, if not, don't keep your glue gun on for too long, as it'll overheat the wax. Turn it off when you see the wax is too "liquid".

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