• Classic Gold Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks
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Classic Gold Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks


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Traditional Wick Wax Sticks, Individual Wax Sticks, Sealing Wax, High Quality Wax Stick, Sealing Wax Sticks, Wick Wax Stick.

Traditional hand crafted wick wax sealing sticks. These beautiful shades of high quality wax sticks are created to be flexible and mailable, making them perfect for adding a beautiful touch to your invitations, brand packaging or gifted goods. Ideal for adding a unique personal touch to letters, envelopes, deckled paper and wedding stationery. Wax seals are beautiful embellishments for his and hers couples gifts or holiday season and new home accessories! For use on menus, tags, favors, luxe & eco friendly, luxury brand packaging.

Traditional wick wax sticks are incredibly simple to use and do not require any other equipment such as a glue gun to melt the wax. Simply light the wick, drip the wax, then stamp the impression!

As this wax is made by hand, please note that there may be very slight shade variations between batches.

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