• Flexible Sealing Wax-Chocolate- PK of 2
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Flexible Sealing Wax-Chocolate- PK of 2


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Sealing Wax - Stamp Wax, Seal Wax – For use with Standard or Glue Gun

Each piece of sealing wax can make around 8 individual seals.

Our wax is far more flexible and durable that the traditional type you will receive from other suppliers. Our exceptional quality means that it can survive through the postage system without falling apart like other waxes. We are 100% confident that of our seals will make it to their destination intact!

We choose to use sealing waxes that are made without internal wicks. When you burn wax with a cotton wick it gives off heavy black smoke which leaves a dark residue on the wax. This is a cheap method that destroys the integrity of the wax and impacts the color of the seal. We refuse to use such a low quality product.

Each unit consists of TWO high quality wax sticks. We will happily mix and match colors for you as well.

Two types of wax available,

A) Standard type that we included in the set

B) Compatible for use with a glue gun. Each stick has a diameter of 11mm and a length of 140mm.

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