• Glue Gun Premium Sealing Wax -order by color-40+ colors
  • Glue Gun Premium Sealing Wax -order by color-40+ colors
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Glue Gun Premium Sealing Wax -order by color-40+ colors


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Glue Gun Premium Sealing Wax -order by color-40+ colors

Completely Flexible & Mailable- Low Cost, Easy & Fast.

Especially suited for volume projects.

Uses no flame or carbon residue when melting.

Ideal for Invitations , Corporate Bulk Mailings, Product Decorations and for use as Wine Bottle Wax.

FDA Food certified.

Fits any standard 1/2” (0.44) Standard Glue Gun (Not designed for Mini Glue Guns!)

10-15 impressions per stick (average die size 3/4")-less for larger die sizes

Low temp Glue Gun is highly recommended for ease of use and slower melting.

This wax is especially suitable for volume projects, making lots of wax seals of the same color at one time. It is NOT recommended for single stick applications, as it takes 2 sticks to push the wax through the gun or to change colors.

Sealing Wax in glue gun format make flexible and mailable wax seal impressions-the modern-day version of sealing wax. Ideal for large projects, it is completely flexible and mailable and it is a snap to make a large amount of seals in a short period of time. Available in a selection of 30 vibrant colors to suit any need. 4" sticks fit into any standard size 1/2" diameter glue gun - no specialty gun needed.

Product Details

This wax is especially recommended for volume projects-such as Invitation & Corporate Mailings, for use in Product Packaging and Wine Bottle Sealing. It is NOT recommended for single stick applications as it takes a minimum of 2 sticks to be pushed through a glue gun or to make color changes. 

It is also suitable on wine bottles, as a decorative element on the top of the cork, or on the bottle itself, when pre-made and adhered with a self adhesive label. Can also be melted down to be used for dipping the bottle into the melted wax for a decorate and lasting seal.

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