• Glue Gun Sealing Wax 12PK-Metallics Assortment Saver Pack
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Glue Gun Sealing Wax 12PK-Metallics Assortment Saver Pack


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Sealing Wax, Wax Seal, Wax Sticks, Glue Gun Wax, Mailing Wax For Wax Seal Stamp Wedding Invitation Gift Wrapping

Great for scrapbooking, invitations, gift wrapping, packaging, and any creative projects!


- The stamping on the wax might vary

- Color shown on different computer screen might varies

- Wax color might slight varies from batch to batch


- Melt the wax, hold the whole stick / cut it into small pieces and heat it with metal spoon

- Drip enough wax on your preferred surface (paper, glass, ceramics, etc)

- Now press your seal gently into the wax, and hold for 2 - 3 seconds, then remove the seal carefully

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