• Lavendar Pearl Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks
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Lavendar Pearl Flexible Sealing Wax-Pack of 2 sticks


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Flexible and mailable Sealing Wax with a wick- easy to use. An excellent all around wax at a great price.

Premium High Quality Sealing Wax:

- Measurement

Sealing wax sticks/Sealing wax stick with wick - 116mm * 120 mm*90mm

Sealing stick - 135mm * 11mm

- One sealing wax stick/Wick should be able to make around 7-9 wax seals.

- One sealing stick with wick should be able to make around 7-10 wax seals.

- 50pcs Sealing wax beads should be able to make around 12-15 wax seals.

- Great products for wax stamping projects.

Please note: colors may vary due to the color calibration of each different monitors.

Any questions you may have please send me a message, I'll be back to you ASAP.

Our newest sealing wax brand has been created especially to withstand the rigors of the modern postal system- it is completely flexible and mailable sealing wax that does not chip or break. Uplifting vibrant colors, clear impressions and great price points are the hallmark of this sealing wax. An excellent all-around wax suitable for most purposes. Fun and easy to use, each pack will arrive with full instructions - just drip and seal! Use our wax with any wax seal stamper from our large collection to seal your love letters, wedding invitations, important documents and yes, even your spells and talismans!

Hint: Calculate how many sticks you need by dividing the number of desired wax seal impressions by 12 (10 to be on the conservative side or if you want to make larger impressions) and you will get the number of sticks needed to complete your project.

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