• Lime Green Pearl Glue Gun Sealing Wax
  • Lime Green Pearl Glue Gun Sealing Wax
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Lime Green Pearl Glue Gun Sealing Wax


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How to melt the wax and make an impression?

Melting the wax.

There are several methods of melting sealing wax: matches, torch lighter, regular lighter, alcohol lamp, spoon-over-candle-flame, spoon-with-melting pot, glue-gun, etc. We prefer to melt sealing wax directly from the stick using either a torch lighter or a common match. Hold the stick in one hand (your more dexterous hand), and the torch lighter or match in your other hand. If using a torch lighter, aim the flame at the end of the stick, right over the area of your paper where you want the wax to drip. If using a match, hold the match under the end of the stick, and as the stick gets hot, the wax will drip down, through the flame, onto the paper.

Stirring and shaping the puddle (very important!).

Once you have melted a tiny puddle of sealing wax, somewhere between the size of a dime or a quarter depending on the size of the seal you are going to impress upon the wax, you then begin to shape the puddle of wax into the shape of your seal (round, square, oval, rectangular), using the stick of wax as the stir tool. Stirring brings any air bubbles to the surface. Stirring also allows you to feel when the wax begins to stiffen a bit. After doing several seal impressions, you will develop an ability to sense when the wax is at the perfect temperature to take the sharpest, most detailed impression possible.

Creating a moisture barrier.

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