• Moss Green Glue Gun Sealing Wax
  • Moss Green Glue Gun Sealing Wax
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Moss Green Glue Gun Sealing Wax


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The differences between flexible sealing wax and traditional sealing wax.

The purpose of seals and sealing wax in the past.

Traditional wax was purpose-designed for two things: to take an accurate, very detailed impression from a seal, and to be fragile and brittle so that it would crack and break off a sealed document in the event of any tampering whatsoever. Seals were used in past centuries to certify the validity and authority of the contents of a document, such as indentures, proclamations, or legal agreements. Seals were also used to literally “seal” private letters. Important documents and correspondence were handled by hand with the greatest care, hand-carried in special dispatch cases by trusted couriers.

Tenacity is necessary to survive modern-day mail systems.

Ueehome’s flexible sealing waxes have been designed around very different problems than those of traditional formula sealing waxes. In modern times, the use of sealing wax on correspondence is largely for decorative purposes rather than for security or legal purposes. People usually want their seals to remain affixed to correspondence rather than to break off. Traditional sealing wax has little chance of surviving any modern postal service and arriving at its destination intact. We have often received envelopes with nothing left of the seal but a stain on the back of the envelope, or a pile of crumbs inside the envelope. Ueehome’s flexible sealing wax has been specially formulated to be tough and tenacious. It is tough enough to withstand the jostling and brutality of the torturous automated sorting machinery used to sift through the vast volumes of the world’s mail from point of origin to final destination. Ueehome’s flexible sealing wax is tough enough to survive this machinery and arrives intact. Our wax adheres to paper with far greater tenacity than traditional sealing wax. Traditional sealing waxes have little chance of arriving intact at their destination if sent through the mails or by private delivery services.

Both waxes make sharp impressions.

We sell both flexible wax and traditional wax; and both are formulated to take razor-sharp impressions from the most intricately carved seals so as to show them off to best advantage in all their glorious detail. Both are beautiful waxes.

When to use flexible wax.

We suggest you use Atelier Gargoyle’s flexible sealing wax on correspondence that goes through the world’s postal systems.

When to use traditional wax.

We suggest you use Ueehome’s traditional formula sealing wax for ceremonial and decorative purposes such as artwork, certificates, contracts, bottling, personally delivered notes and calling cards; or for documents and packages that require proof of tampering. Traditional sealing wax makes a splendid finishing touch to place cards at an elegant dinner, or to party favors at a wedding. Ward uses it as a signature in the mat of his artwork which is framed and under glass. We put sealing wax on all our important documents, including our marriage license and our wills. We believe sealing wax still imparts the ambiance of authority, ceremony, dignity, and magnificent flair.

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