• Olive Green Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax
  • Olive Green Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax
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Olive Green Glue Gun Letter Sealing Wax


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Why we like torch lighters for melting sealing wax.

It's the quickest & most easily controlled method. We’ve found the torch lighter to be the quickest and most easily controlled method of melting sealing wax.

You can aim the flame exactly where you want it.

If you observe the flame of a candle, alcohol lamp, or most regular lighters, you will note the flame flickers in an upward direction only. If you use one of the these heat sources to melt your sealing wax, you will learn quickly that the flame flickers UP, causing the melting wax to drip DOWN, right into the source of the flame, thus clogging it, perhaps even extinguishing the flame, but at the very least creating a foul and nasty mess, and making it difficult or impossible to maintain control.

With a torch lighter and a little experience, you will find it very easy to control the amount of wax you melt, so that it is the exact amount needed for the size of the seal you intend to impress upon it. Also, you can decide exactly where on the paper or card you want the puddle to drip.

The torch lighter flame is hotter than other sources of heat.

The flame burns cleanly and is absent of carbon soot.

Torch lighters are refillable.

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