• Pink Sealing Wax Sticks
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Pink Sealing Wax Sticks


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Pink Sealing Wax Sticks branded by Ueehome for your wax stamp. They have a premium matte finish and are made from flexible wax.

Personalise and decorate your letters, stationery and creations thanks to our colour wax seal.

Handcrafted in China, sealing wax from Ueehome is of natural origin. Our wax sticks are composed of gum resin harvested on maritime pines, mixed with chalk and natural dyes. We have selected nearly 30 colours of sealing wax, brilliant for some, matte for others. Some even glitter and have metallic finish for a unique look.

This Glue Gun Sealing Wax makes application really easy.

Suitable for use with a cool temperature glue gun.

Each stick of wax can produce 10-15 seals.

11mm diameter

PINK colour

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