• Sealing Wax Assorted 12Pc Saver Pack- Bestsellers - Flexible & Mailable
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Sealing Wax Assorted 12Pc Saver Pack- Bestsellers - Flexible & Mailable


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Flexible and mailable Sealing Wax with a wick- easy to use. An excellent all around wax at a great price.

Metallic Silver, Red, Gold.

Modern sealing wax has been created especially to withstand the rigors of the modern postal system

Our Traditional Sealing Wax is easy to use and you don't need anything else but your Wax Seal Stamp and good ol' fashioned fire to get started! Simply light the wick and allow the molten wax to drip directly onto your chosen surface.

Each stick makes a brittle, breakable seal that's ideal for tamper-proofing sensitive documents and private correspondence. You can use it to embellish just about anything from greeting and place cards, to gift wrap and packaging... let your imagination run wild. 

Traditional wax is not made for items sent in the mail. Looking for something cleaner, easier and fit for the mail? Try Flexible Sealing Wax and a low-temp Glue Gun.

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