• Sealing Wax Assorted 12Pc Saver Pack-Gothic - Flexible & Mailable
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Sealing Wax Assorted 12Pc Saver Pack-Gothic - Flexible & Mailable


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Easy to use and  totally mailable and flexible! This specially formulated Sealing Wax brand has been created to withstand the rigors of the modern postal system- it is completely flexible and mailable sealing wax that does not chip or break. Uplifting vibrant colors, clear impressions and great price points are the hallmark of this sealing wax. An excellent all-around wax suitable for most purpose at a great price. Metallic Silver, Red, Gold.

Premium quality: sealing wax sticks are made of high-quality wax, pure colour and good viscosity, the surface is smooth, the adhesion is strong, the hardness is high, smoke-free.

Beautiful colour: 3 different royal gold, wine red, silver colour seals with wick, beautiful patterns engraved, funf for every colour to meet your different needs.

Sealing spoon: length 11.8 cm, made of stainless steel, heat-resistant and durable.

Easy to use: light the wick of the sealing wax with a lighter and melt the candle in the spoon. Drip onto the paper to be sealed.

Widely wide: sealing wax sticks can be used for DIY wedding invitations, cards, retro cards, handwriting, envelopes, packages, cards, crafts, gifts, stationery and more.

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