• Sealing Wax Assorted 12Pc Saver Pack- Spring - Flexible & Mailable
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Sealing Wax Assorted 12Pc Saver Pack- Spring - Flexible & Mailable


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Flexible and mailable Sealing Wax with a wick- easy to use. An excellent all around wax at a great price.

Crimson Red, Goldenrod, Copper, Apple Green, Light Blue, Metallic Purple, Pink Pearl, Aqua, Lemon Yellow, White, Jade, Metallic Silver.


Seal your letters, invitations, scrapbooks and certificates with this gold wax stick with wick. It's a great way of adding a personal touch to your envelopes and parcels. Each stick incorporates a wick to make melting and application easy!

Simply light the wick and allow the melting wax to form a small puddle on the surface you want the seal to be. Press the wax stamp into the puddle and wait a few seconds until the wax has cooled slightly. Then, carefully lift the stamp to see your seal design! 

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