• Soft Pink Sealing Wax Sticks
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Soft Pink Sealing Wax Sticks


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Super Pliable or flexible Soft Pink Sealing Wax Sticks is ideal for invites, thank-you cards and other professional mass mailings.

If you’re using a glue gun to apply many wax seals at a time, your metal seal will get increasingly hot. To cool your seal down between imprints, keep an ice-pack or some ice in a bowl by your side. If you don’t cool your seal down, it won’t come away cleanly from the wax, leaving a messy imprint.

This Glue Gun Sealing Wax makes application really easy.

Suitable for use with a cool temperature glue gun.

Each stick of wax can produce 10-15 seals.

11mm diameter

SOFT PINK colour



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